Implemented  Missing Moderation Permissions on Node


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Was told it would be best to post as a bug, because of a possible oversight.

It seems there's no way to actually put a forum, or users for that matter, into moderation. The only permission even mentioning moderation is "Follow Forum Moderation Rules", found under usergroup permissions. Permisions for moderation are missing from the forum node, specific user, etc.

I'm not sure what was intended, but I'm guessing it would be similar to VB with

Can Post Without Thread Moderation
Can Post without Post Moderation

or, a general "Require Moderation" switch.


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Not yet, but Kier and Mike have a proven record of checking every bug before the final software release. They'll get to this bug, it may just take them some time. There are only two of them after all, but this should be fixed before the 1.0 stable release :).


I'm confident to... was just making sure that I'd not missed something obvious in the permissions... :D


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This wasn't really a bug, but it was something I wanted to quickly sneak in - you can now specify that all messages in a forum need to be approved before being visible.

You can (and have been able to) moderate a user's behavior via user-specific permissions.


I've been working on this again (finally got time after several weeks of busyness...) and I can't get this to work. I don't know what I've done wrong in setting up the permissions.

I have a setup with a parent category which has subforums. I want only a chartered members group to have permissions to post, but I want the post to go into the moderation queue...

To do this, I've setup the usergroup (chartered members) with Follow message moderation rules: to Allow.

Then, the forums permissions are set to no posting for the registered users group, and allow for the chartered members.

This doesn't allow the users with Registered as their primary usergroup and chartered members as the secondary to post...

I'm lost. Plus, how do I setup per forum the setting to throw new posts into the moderation queue?


I've tried everything (and found the Moderate all messages, which doesn't occur in non-forum areas obviously :rolleyes:) but still not getting the permissions working right...

To recap, my node structure is as follows:
  • Main Category
    • Sub Category 1
      • Forum 1
      • Forum 2
    • Sub Category 2
      • Forum 3
      • Forum 4
Main Category, set to allow posts for Chartered, and not allow for Registered (revoke), doesn't allow permission to post in the Forums 1-4... so setting it in Sub Category (allow posts for Chartered, and revoke for Registered) doesn't allow posting in Forums 1-4... so setting Forums 1-4 to individually have the permissions allow posts for Chartered, and revoke from Registered isn't working either...

The usergroup Chartered has permissions to post a new thread set to allow, and also follow message moderation rules set to allow... am I missing something obvious...?


You were every bit right... it was the dreaded Never that was the problem in the parent node... it was overwriting it for the Registered group... and hence negating it at every turn through the listing... :)