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Sorry, I don't seem to have access to post in any other forums.

How do I set up my Registered Users group that all posts need moderator approval?

I put newly approved registrations into this group until they've made 1 post and I confirm that aren't a spammer, then move them to the Approved Users group where they have full posting privileges.

Right now I have Registered Users set to unable to post because I can't figure out how to put all posts in this group into a moderation queue - but this means they can't do a first post for me to approve through.



Trophy promotion looks like the ticket ....

Next question is where do I set the moderation rules? Does it have to be by each individual node? I just want to queue all first posts so I can make sure they aren't spam. Once they're approved, user would be promoted into the group with full posting allowed.

Other functionality questions:

Is there anyway to have an email sent to alert me that there is a new registration awaiting approval?

How can I edit the registration templates/phrases for:

a) I want to add text to reinforce that new users should not set up usernames that they use elsewhere since the forums will be indexed by google. You'd be amazed at how many times I have to delete accounts or change usernames after people google themselves and find their posts.

b) Force entry of Country during registration. I have an international userbase and it helps greatly when giving advice if we know what country the user is from since health care systems are different.
(b1) How can I get country to show under the user name and title on forum posts?


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Permissions are either done by usergroup, user, or node, depending on whether you want to affect all users in a group, a single user, either forum wide or for specific nodes.

Email on new registration is not currently possible.

All phrases can be edited in the ACP - just search in phrases for the one you want to edit.
You probably want this one: this_is_name_that_will_be_shown_with_your_messages

Country is not currently a field during registration, only timezone.
You would need to edit the core code to add that to the registration template.

Message template content is set per style in the ACP:



Location works just fine, instead of country. That info imported in from my old board, so all good. Is there anyway to make Location a required field during registration?