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There has been widespread reports on one of my forums about categories not linking to anything. I have had the forum up for over a year with no issues and have made no changes to these categories. My host can't find anything wrong on their end... help!

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Categories not working: Schools, Non Specific (seems to be working again), alumni

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You can still access threads by using the search function. Very strange. I need to get this fixed ASAP.

Thanks ahead of time for the help.
Since I can't seem to figure this out and it is limited to a couple nodes but the threads work inside the nodes if you search for them... would it be possible to create a new node and transfer all threads from the broke node into the new node, then delete the broke node?
Internal server error. This is a server issue. Probably a conflicting module like mod_security. The only way to know for sure is to pull the logs from the server to find a more specific error message. Otherwise try disabling mod_security (ask your host or server person).

I agree - check for mod_security!
My webmaster said he doesn't want to disable mod security because its too risky...

Then, with respect to your web[no]master, you need a new one ;)
It's a very simple job to check the mod_security logs and see if it is the source of your page blocks, and if so tweak the relevant mod_security rules that is impacting.
Webmasters should never use tools they do not know how to manage or configure appropriately
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