Not a bug Mislabeling with Border Radius in Style Properties


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Not a bug per se, but a possible mislabeling. My friend and I were talking about this:

Skype Conversation said:
[7:54:04 PM] Mike: I think it's just labeled weird
[7:54:13 PM] Mike: It does each corner
[7:54:15 PM] Mike: starting from top left
[7:54:19 PM] Mike: and goes clockwise
[7:54:24 PM] Mike: with left being bottom left
So, using the Message Container style property to demonstrate, adding 10px to Top gets the top-left:

Radius 2.png

Adding 10px to Right gets the top-right:

Radius 3.png

Adding 10px to Bottom gets the bottom-right:

Radius 4.png

Adding 10px to Left gets the bottom-left:

Radius 5.png

The way they're labeled right now (Top, Right, Bottom, Left) makes it sound like Right and Left will get the radius for both the top and bottom, which would make Top and Bottom unnecessary to have.

Perhaps they could be labeled as such to make it clearer:
  • Top-Left
  • Top-Right
  • Bottom-Right
  • Bottom-Left
This does not include All, obviously.
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It follows the standard shorthand order which is consistent with borders, margin and padding. Trying to add an explanation would likely make the whole thing much less wieldy. The specific meanings can be easily determined through experimentation if desired.