Minecraft Avatar [Paid] [Deleted]

Seem to be having a bug with users changing their skin and when they go to update their avatar by clicking "Use Minecraft Avatar" it wouldn't update to the latest skin :(


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Hi, would you mind sending me the addon again?

unenergizer at gmail dot com

Thank you kind sir, and thank you for the continued support!


I'll look into the problems with 1.2 this Monday or Tuesday. I am sorry for not being more respondent.


I brought this and I didn't receive it, I can provide proof with email, transaction ID and all that, You need to fix that.


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@Infuscu Would you mind if i packaged the your Register.php with an add-on i'm planning on submitting to the RM? There are a few lines of code that need to be added to that because this add-on conflicts with username validation. Read more here


I don´t use this addon, but I think it shouldn´t be so hard to fix this your self. Just check the code the addon installs and change the path.
I already fixed it for my installation, but would be nice to implement it for everyone.