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This request has been brought up before but received no attention. I am running a minecraft server and currently setting up XF as we'd like to switch to it as soon as possible. I am requesting a plugin to replace avatars of users with the avatar of their Minecraft avatar (head). There is already a plugin doing the exact thing for Wordpress but would love to see it ported to XenForo (with a few modifications). So here goes:
  • Fetch Minecraft avatar from either or .. etc (the latter would require the plugin to crop the image).
  • Save the image locally, so if the service is down (it has been) the avatars will keep functioning.
  • Make the it the default avatar on registration (xf username is required to be their Minecraft username).
  • Make it optional, so that users can still opt in for Gravatar or upload a custom image. (I imagine the avatar popup could look similar to this but instead of the various avatars just a single image with their Minecraft avatar.)
  • Detect when users change their Minecraft avatar, and thus updating their xf avatar. (This could be accomplished by fetching the data every now and then but it is not optimal as instantaneous change would be much cooler. If you have a suggestion to accomplish this please share, as I am no developer myself)
  • In regards to all this; focus on performance would be essential as we don't want it to slow down our site.
I imagine this would be adopted by a lot of Minecraft xenforo website (there are quite a few out there!) and thus be quite useful! I hope somebody see the use for this plugin and will take it under their wings.

Alternatively if you have an offer, private message me in here.

Thank you
Infuscu :)
Kind of like this?

Just pulls an image from{username}.png and they input in the Prefences field, but doesn't fully replace in the whole forum, I do want to do that and actually pulling the imaging and storing it using the current avatar code would be better as wouldn't take much modding.

I'm the head admin for Minecraft Monday's.

Note: Sorry if this is considered advertising, just showing an example.
Yea, it is sort of what I want. I do want it more integrated than that though.

I'll update this thread when I have a solution which will be soon hopefully!

Thumbs up for Minecraft Monday :)


I helped make this for a site, but I've given them the full copyright to the plugin (which btw requires adding code to existing 1.1.2 xenforo .php file). I will ask them to consider publishing it here for others.
I helped make this for a site, but I've given them the full copyright to the plugin (which btw requires adding code to existing 1.1.2 xenforo .php file). I will ask them to consider publishing it here for others.
Ohh, sounds really interesting. How much work did the modification involve?

Publishing it would be really generous of the site.
Yeah, I would like it to be more integrated myself, but haven't done so...I might come up with a solution - If not - I'll use one of yours if it's released.

I'm a PHP Coder and I'm the owner of - So I added it to Minecraft Monday's.



<offtopic> Just one more block ^_^ That's funny, the domain for our private server is - though I will let it expire or sell it for $20 or something.

<ontopic> Sorry to inform the OP that the site who I made it for has no interest in sharing it. Nothing I can do about that.
Ive seen something that may be what your looking for. A server called pulsecraft has a xenforo website. The server uses a plugin so when you first join you have to register using a command /register <password> <email>. This then automatically creates a account on the website with the players name as the username and the email and Password you set ingame. The avatar is automatically your ingame skins face and there are some other small features.

I think it has something to do with the xAuth plugin. When I looked at the servers plugin list the only thing that I think it could have been was something called pulselogin. I think this must be a custom plugin. If you wpuld like to take a look the server is and the website is

If you figure anything out please tell me!