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Minecraft Avatars - Use your Minecraft skin head as avatar

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This addon allow users to use ther Minecraft skin heads as avatars.

  • Using Minecraft skin head as avatar
  • Showing username and skin head in "About" member section
  • Minecraft avatar is reloading every time when user is logging in. It also can be reloaded directly via special button in account details
  • Users can get back to their old avatars at any time
  • Resized avatars look accurate. Default smoothing algorithms...
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Also add-on doesn't seem to work as expected. I enter Notch in the minecraft username field and it just says that there's no such a name.

There is no official Minecraft users with given username!


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Also, that's probably a good idea to do a regex on your $html replacement, as it will remove the link to user profile. I am referring to this line:
$html = '<img src="' . MinecraftAvatarsHelper::getAvatarUrl($user, $size) . '" class="avatar minecraft-avatar minecraft-head-thumb">';
And the avatar returned string is much more complex than that. It can contain or not contain a link to user profile. It also can not contain an image and of all of that has to be taken into consideration. Basically, it's best to just replace the whole tag with a [class^=avatar-u].

Second thing is that the whole approach can be improved. You can extend \Pub\Controller\Account\actionAvatar() and do a template modification in account_avatar template, so that you can change avatar to minecraft one right in the avatar edit window.


It's not even showing the field "Username" for me... is there a permission that needs to be given?