MIgration suggestions: Community Server + vB 4.x to Xenforo

Digital Doctor

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Our forums are: Community Server (used for 2007-2009), and vBulletin 4.x (used in 2010).
Goal: Get them both into Xenforo.

Q: Should I convert CS to vB 3.x or vB 4 ?
Q: which xenforo Conversion works better: import vB 3.x or 4.x ?
Q: Can you Import a vB 3.x to xenforo and then import a 4.x after that ?

What's the best path here ?

I am paying someone to get the CS into vBulletin format. Should I ask them for vB 3.x or 4.x ?

Jake Bunce

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Convert CS to vB3. You could go to vB4, but the vB4 importer is unofficial, whereas vB3 is official. Both importers work fine, but you might as well go official if you have a choice about it.

Yes, you can run two imports (vB3 and vB4) one after the other to import the content from both forums into xenForo. When you finish one import then just go back to the importer and it will allow you to do another import on a different database.

If you will be implementing the redirect scripts then be aware that they will only redirect URLs from the second of the two imports.


I've tried to get my VMWare Fusion to run MS SQL server and import the data, but it was a horrible experience. It helped me remember why I moved away from Windows 100%.

Sorry that we at XenFans didn't have the time, but I also weren't able to get the import done.

I have been working on a raw data processor as a module to the shell script I run for imports, but it's just super unpredictable how data is handled, presented, etc in MS SQL.

Good luck with the import.