Migrating to XenForo from IPB


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I'm interested in migrating to XenForo from IPB 4.2. I read the website and it states that the importer supports up to IPB 4.1: https://xenforo.com/help/importing/
I was going to wait until XenForo 2.0 is released before migrating but I might just purchase XenForo 1.5 before the end of this year anyways. I'm assuming that there's no ETA available for 2.0 yet.


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The importer for IPB has been updated to support 4.2 but it is currently beta status.

XF2 will be publicly released in a matter of weeks but there is unlikely to be an importer at that time.

The recommendation is to install XF 1.5, import, then upgrade to XF2.

Chris D

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I've just updated that page so it reflects the correct support. Indeed we are currently suggesting that you import into XF 1.5 first and then upgrade to XF 2.0.

Although XF 2.0 is still not fully stable, a stable release shouldn't be more than a few weeks away and you may want to consider upgrading straight to 2.0 after you have finished the initial 1.5 import.