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Hi !

I'm DMNKNG, and I'm from France (sorry if I misuse some words), I'm currently looking at migrating to the lastest version xenForo from IPBoard 3.3.1, and I would like to know a few things.
  1. is it directly possible or do I need to upgrade my IPBoard forum first (that would be a bummer, cause that would be a pain in the ass to get those upgrade files from IPS) ? I found a few things, but they seem to be "a bit outdated" so a clear yes (or no) would appease me.
  2. When I import the old database to xenForo, does it erase/alter the old one or does it copy it to the new one ? I know that I need to make a back-up, but it would be very nice if it makes a new database and leave the old one intact.
  3. Does xenForo have a French translation for the last version ?
  4. Is there any "Hide" BBCode ? It's like a Spoiler fonction but you need to answer to the the thread to view what in it.
I must have forgotten some questions, some of them might get answered in the demo I took.

Cheers in advance for answer !


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Here is a free translation, I will update it :

Here is two add-ons for Hide BBCode :

Regards, SyTry