Migrating from vB4 to XF2.2 - Account Upgrades expiry notifications?


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Our community has decided to make the jump from vB4 after a decade of use to XenForo. I've played around with the demo and I'm very happy with everything, but the one question I have is related to Account Upgrades.

In vB, these subscriptions/paid memberships send out an email when they are about to expire. I've seen there are many add-ons which do this for XenForo, but is there any built-in functionality for this in the most recent version?

Thanks in advance.


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It's worth mentioning that we do send an alert when the account upgrade has expired (if it's a non-recurring upgrade that is still purchasable). It's not a warning that it is about to expire though (and it's not an email, so the user would see it when visiting the forum).


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There's also these two addons from @AndyB