XF 1.2 Migrating from vB4 on one server to xF on another server


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So, I have a new install setup on a new server and I have vb4 on an old server.

What is the best way to migrate the database, the attachments, and the avatars from one server to the other? Old server is shared, new server is a VPS.

I figured I can copy the database from one to the other, but I'm not sure how to handle attachments/avatars.


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They need to be on the same server.

Replicate the vb installation on the new server then perform the import.


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Sigh, I thought that might be the case. It's going to be a late night.

Other problem is that vb4 is on the root of my old server and xf is on the root of the new server. Do I need to move xf on the new server to a subdirectory until I do the migration?


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If everything is in the database, you can potentially import from the other server, but you need to adjust MySQL to handle this and performance may not be great. It's unlikely to be an option with a shared server. If things are in the file system, the files have to be on the same server. I would always recommend importing from the same server (or rack, if you are that big :)).

You just need to copy the actual file data -- attachments and avatars. You don't need the rest of the files. It doesn't matter where you put them provided you can enter the correct path to them and PHP can read them.


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Awesome @Mike

That's gonna save some time. I can copy the two directories vb4 and the database. Do I set the path for attachments in the importer, or would I need to modify path in the vb4 database?