XF 2.2 Is it possible to host XF asset files and the DB on a separate file server?

I would like to host the MySQL DB and the asset files (gallery images, emojis, ...) on a separate file server.
Is there a clear separation of XF source files that a responsible for handling the logic and resource files? If yes, which directories hold assets and can be hosted on the file server?

i mean a lot of us already host attachments etc on object storage solutions like amazon s3. you can also of course host your database on completely different server and it should be fine as long as the connection is fast and stable.

database is not really a file on the server like typical asset files. you can host your database and link to it from anywhere as long as it meets xenforo's database requirements.
And if you DO host your mySQL server on another instance, be SURE that the port is locked for access to only your XF server and possibly your home ISP (hopefully you have a dedicated IP).
If you are hosting both within the same provider, they may have a private IP network in place, and that works great.
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