XF 1.5 Migrating a xenforo installation into another?


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If I have 2 forums

Forum A with content on it and Forum B which is newly installed and I want to migrate/copy the content from Forum A into Forum B but keep Forum A in tact as-is and not lose anything or break anything so Forum A can continue to move forward with new content while Forum B gets a copy of the content from the 'migration' is that possible to do or does the import process completely wipe out Forum A?

Please advise. :)

I have a section on Forum A I want to move over to Forum B with posts in it but only keep the data from that section on Forum B and remove it from Forum A (manually obviously) while keeping both forums in tact. :)


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You can use the built in XF importer - the source database will be unaffected.

All content will be imported though - you can't selectively choose which nodes/members/threads to import.
You will either have to prune the content from the source database (from a backup/copy if you don't want to affect the existing installation) prior to importing, or delete the content after it has been imported.