XF 1.5 How to Migrate a Subforum from one forum into another domain's forum?


Hi guys question here.

I have two xenforo forums on two different domains, both domains about slightly (though somewhat similar) topics.

I want to move one of my forums (or subforums) from Site A over to Site B as a forum. I don't want to move the entire 'forum', just one of the sub forums. I want all the posts in that forum to be merged with the destination forum. If I could even make 301 redirects to the new domain or that sub forum so all links on Site A's subforum would point to migrated forum on the new domain...

So for example:

==Site A==
My Computer Forums
Video Games <-----------THE forum I want to move over to the other domain as part of the forum there.
- Games
Geeky Stuff

==Site B==
Tech Talk
Video Games <-----------I want to move my forum / subforum to SITE B as a forum

Anyways, I'm not quite sure how to go about doing this. There is no tool or anything for this sort of thing. I was thinking I could copy over the forum tables and insert them into the new forum via PHPADMIN, but that might screw things up as there is other connective data (profiles attached to the threads, images, etc).



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You can use the built in XF importer - the source database will be unaffected.

All content will be imported though - you can't selectively choose which nodes/members/threads to import.
You will either have to prune the content from the source database (from a backup/copy if you don't want to affect the existing installation) prior to importing, or delete the content after it has been imported.


Wow, fabulous -- I didn't know that was possible.

So I basically have to import my whole other forum, from Site A, into my other forum at Site B, then manually go through all the the extra posts, threads, and forums that don't belong, and delete them, leaving only the single forum/sub forum that I want?