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How to mass move all threads from one forum to another


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This is just a simple guide on how to move all threads from one forum to another on your XenForo. If you have huge amounts of threads in a certain forum which equals to alot of pages, it can be difficult to go from page to page selecting all threads to move them from one forum to another. (Been there myself) XenForo should have a feature for this by default, but it doesn't unfortunately.

To move all threads/posts in a particular forum to another one, you would run the following sql query in phpmyadmin:
UPDATE xf_thread SET node_id = 123 WHERE node_id = 456;
123 being the ID of the new forum, and 456 being the ID of the old forum. (Thanks to Mike for the query)

Then you would go to your ACP > Tools > Rebuild Caches > Rebuild Thread Information & Rebuild Forum Information.

Hope this helps. I recommend you take a Backup of your forum before running any queries.

Digital Doctor

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Does this mean there is no easy way to move a forum to be a subforum of another forum ?
I have 5 admin-only forums .... I've decided to make a Private forum and make the 5 admin-only forums subforums of the Private forum.

Possible to move them all ?
or is it:
a make forums, move posts, delete old forums thing ?