XF 1.1 Copying a Xenforo installation to another server

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Not being quite as expert as yourselves, I would like to see your advice.

I would like to copy my Xenforo 1.1.5 installation to another testing server in order to practice doing the upgrade from 1.1.5 to 1.2.3. I am a heavy user of Resource Manager 1.0.1 which I also would like to upgrade.

So far, I have done a fresh installation of 1.1.5 and RM 1.0.1 on the testing server, added a few posts and resources and done the upgrade by upgrading XF first to 1.2.3 and then RM to 1.1.0. All this seemed to work with no problems.

I would now like to copy my proper XF installation to the testing server (first wiping the practice session) to see if the upgrade works with a clone.

My problem is that, although I can do the main flat files easily by ftp, I need to upload the database.
My first thought was to restore a backup of the live server database to the testing server. That doesn't work since the Cpanel restore function changes the name.

I can't import the data into a new database since the amount seems to exceed the limits using phpadmin.

Not being experienced in this kind of thing, I wonder if anyone could offer some guidance as to what to do next.

Thank you in anticipation



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If your host doesn''t support SSH then you can try a third party tool to export/import the database like mysqldumper for ex. It is an excellent tool imho and it handles both operations and large files with ease. Remember also to edit the config.php file to match the db details of the db that you will use for testing purposes.