Migrating a large phpbb forum to Xenforo


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I'm the owner of a large internet community, currently running on a phpbb 3.0.x forum. We were going to upgrade to phpbb3.1, but as this a large project I decided to check out other forum scripts. Xenforo and IPB are the main contenders.
The current database is quite large, around 4GB. I have almost 8000 active users, around 2840000 posts.

Is there a way to test the importing of that database into Xenforo and testing the performance? I've checked out the demo, but the native importer is an absolute horror. I mean, a direct connection to another database... really? I don't like to add privacy sensitive information to a server I don't know or own, and where I don't have any control over what happens to the data after the demo is over.

Simply buying the license and hoping it will work out, is out of the question. The only revenue I have from this forum is barely enough to cover hosting costs. I can justify buying the license only if I am going to stick with it.

What I'm looking for is 30 days money-back warrantee. In that time I buy the software, I can install the software on my own server, do the dreadfull import (or look for a better import addon, because, really, this would take ages, why not go the "import from archive" route, as an option?), test the performance with my team of moderators, and if happy, continue to use the software, or if unhappy, scrap the project and get my money back?


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In terms of a 30 day refund window, please contact us (https://xenforo.com/contact/) directly and we can look at working something out.

Regarding the import process, reading from the database is really the only way about it; I'm not sure what you mean by "import from archive". Note that you download XenForo and run it on your own server, so you'll be using effectively the same connection as you would normally use to access the database. Imports aren't really something that we anticipate being done with the admin demo.