1. behaba62

    XF 1.5 Phpbb import : Moderators and forums permission errors

    Hello, I am contacting you because I am having a problem with a data import from Phpbb 3.0 to Xenforo 2. Since there is no phpbb migration script on version 2, I first install Xenforo 1.5 . The migration procedure fails on two steps: - when I start importing moderators, I have no errors but...
  2. ThinkingFox

    Pre-sales PhpBB3 to Xenforo

    Hi I'm looking to replace a thriving PhpBB3 board with XenForo but I'm concerned about the migration of data - the PhpBB board has topics and replies going back to 2008 (10,000 members, 8,000 topics, 350,000 replies) and I need to ensure that we're able to migrate this safely. has anyone done...
  3. Chris Goldsmith

    XF 1.5 avatar / attachement error on import from phpbb 3.1.10 to XF 1.5.11

    I fill in the DB details on the Importer config and get The attachments directory could not be found. The avatars directory could not be found. my phpbb document root is defaulted for most things except a couple of minor tweaks but the storage locations are default - what is it looking for...
  4. T

    Migrating from phpBB 3.0.1

    Apparently it is possible to migrate an existing phpBB 3.0.1 forum to a Xenforo using the importer that comes with the regular Xenforo installation. However, I can't find a "How well it works" reference anywhere. So, can anybody tell me (from experiences) how well that importer works? Will users...
  5. G

    Migrating a large phpbb forum to Xenforo

    I'm the owner of a large internet community, currently running on a phpbb 3.0.x forum. We were going to upgrade to phpbb3.1, but as this a large project I decided to check out other forum scripts. Xenforo and IPB are the main contenders. The current database is quite large, around 4GB. I have...
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