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Add-on MicroCart

Discussion in 'Resource and Add-on Discussions' started by Micheal, Feb 9, 2012.

  1. Micheal

    Micheal Well-Known Member

    I have been working on converting microcart over to xenfono forum system.
    At this time i have need sorting out the admin side of things and its coming along nicly.
    I have sorted out these from the admin side already

    • License Options
    • Settings
    • Affiliate Settings
    • Multi-Vender Settings
    • Ioncube Settings
    • Affiliate Manager
    • Affiliate Banners
    • Agreements
    • Messages
    • Payment Gateways (Paypal, 2Checkout, CCBil, Offline Payment, Paygate, Authorizenet And Google Checkout)
    • Products List ( Working on this now )
    This is the info on the shop system

    microCART is a fully featured Shopping Cart for XenFono, with support for Downloadable & Physical Products, Subscriptions and Services, without missing any feature even from commercial scripts. Installation is very easy, you just need sometime for the initial configuration. Lifetime Owned License with 12 months Support and Upgrades

    Highlights Supports

    Downloadable products
    Since version 1.0.3 supports Physical products too!!
    Supports Subscriptions (Even Reccuring)
    Supports Services
    Ability to upgrade usergroup per product
    Unlimited depth levels of categories
    Unlimited Products
    Supports Renewals
    Ability to Add Orders manually
    PayPal & 2CO payments
    Since version 1.0.4 support payments with ccBill (Credits to kastak
    Supports AddOns
    Support Special Deals
    Unlimited Screenshoots per product
    Unlimited Files per product, so the customers can download previous
    Unlimited Agreements
    Customers (and only those who have bought that product) can rate and
    review it.
    Admin can turn On/Off the Reviews per product
    Uses HTML Editor.
    Since version 1.0.5 support multiple Tax levels.
    Since version 1.0.5 support Shipping Zones with unlimited shipping
    choices per zone.
    Since version 1.0.5 supports Delivery locations (unlimited depth, eg
    Country, State, Area with different setup for Tax and Shipping per
    Since version 1.0.5 customer must enter his details to finalize the
    NEW!! Since version 1.0.6
    supports Auto Tax calculation.
    NEW!! Since version 1.0.6
    supports Auto Shipping calculation.
    NEW!! Since version 1.0.5
    supports Invoice creation.
    NEW!! Comming Soon Block.
    NEW!! Paygate Payment gateway added
    NEW!! Added the ability to have a multi vender shop system.
    NEW!! Added a multi vender bank system for charging for each product thats sold.
    NEW!! Version 2.5 Added new image gallery lightbox for viewing screen shots.
    NEW!! Version 2.5 Added new text editor to admincp and use controls.
    Fixed!! Version 2.5 Qty update system to update after paymanet has been made.
    NEW!! Version 2.5 Rss Feed Added
    NEW!! Version 2.5 New way to add product within admincp and multi-vender system.
    NEW!! Version 2.5.1 Added the option to add images to categories.
    NEW!! Version 2.5.1 Added a block Generator so that you can new blocks to your forum home and cmps system with a few clicks of a button..
    NEW!! Version 2.5.1 Added the option to show or hide sub categories on main page.
    NEW!! Version 2.5.1 Added jquery search system.
    Updated!! Version 2.6.1 Invoice system
    NEW!! Version 2.6.1 Add images to your Features description.
    NEW!! Version 2.6.3 Vender can update invoices.
    NEW!! Version 2.6.3 Added PM system so it will send a PM to the vender and buyer when a product has been paid for.
    NEW!! Version 3.0.0 Added rate seller.
    NEW!! Version 3.0.0 Added multi page layout.
    NEW!! Version 3.0.0 Added Widget active de-active manager.
    NEW!! Version 3.0.0 Added wish list.
    NEW!! Version 3.0.0 Added terms and conditions to user menu.

    I will post more news on the progress of this as and when i can.

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  2. ragtek

    ragtek Guest

  3. Micheal

    Micheal Well-Known Member

    Sorry posted in wrong place could this be moved please

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  4. M@rc

    M@rc Well-Known Member

    :D I'd like to know this as well, when you get a chance to answer of course.
  5. Shelley

    Shelley Well-Known Member

    From the screenshots I seen yesterday it seems to be shaping up nicely with an abundance of features. Nice work.
  6. Micheal

    Micheal Well-Known Member

    I can tell you that the price for this will be the same as i sell the vbulletin version.
    As to not break and rules here i will not tell you the price here but you can view the vbulletin version on my site.

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  7. Brogan

    Brogan XenForo Moderator Staff Member

    There's no problem with posting details about pricing and purchasing, etc.

    Obviously once you release it though, you can post a new thread in the commercial add-ons forum.
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  8. Micheal

    Micheal Well-Known Member

    Thanks for letting me know this.
  9. Precision

    Precision Member

    I would 100% be interested in this, as I've been waiting for a Store Mod to come out so bad. Can u message me some info on it (price and stuff)? I would like to get it up and running on my site as soon as its made available.
  10. Micheal

    Micheal Well-Known Member

    Hi again all

    Just to le you know that i have finished these parts now.

    • Product List
    • Edit Product
    • Delete Product
    More news soon

    I have been told i can post the price it will be when released here so here it comes.
    The price for the microcart system will be the same as i sell the vbulletin version of this add-on and thats

    All files are encoded to protect my scripts with ioncube but this will be tested before its released.
    Also i have made the version the same as the vbulletin version iv made already as to let me know that they are both the same.
    Thats why i have not started with a version number of 1.0.0.

    Price $59.99
    Renewal (Opt) $32.99
    License 365 days
    Downloads 365 days
    Version 3.0.2
  11. ragtek

    ragtek Guest

  12. Micheal

    Micheal Well-Known Member

    The way it will work is one main file will be encoded so that you will have to put your license info within the system for the script to work.
    This one file will be needed by the scripts and if removed the script will not work.
    It will also be locked to the domain name and the users name who paid for the product.
    Also the license would not be able to be used with any of the other scripts that will be released it will be for the product its downloaded for.

    The reason for the license and encoding is i have had my script released where it should not have been witch has forced me to encode my scripts.

    I hope you understand the reasons for this.

  13. FreshFroot

    FreshFroot Well-Known Member

    I'm quite confused? I thought Maria said the person that uses her mods cannot SELL them?

    Also, if your going to be using ioncube I think you will LOSE out on many people using your mod.

    I for once do NOT use mods coded in Ioncube. It actually SLOWS the software down eg. when vBSEO had Ioncube it was slower than when they stopped using ioncube.

    The second thing is if you DO ioncube it non of us know what you really have in the code.

    For all we know you could be downloading our content to your own server, or stealing certain stats from out sites and selling them.
    Not saying you will do it for sure, but I've seen it happen with people using ioncubed scripts.

    But I will say I won't be using or supporting your work if you do ioncube it. I understand you are "trying" to protect your work. But I don't see how encryption really helps it in the long run.

    Every software will be pirated, but at the same time many people as myself support developers who don't encrypt. So at the end of the day it really balances it out.

    I should also add that in the past I have seen MANY websites become non-functional. Because the mod creator vanished along with their website.
    So then the mod stopped working, because it could NOT find the server and the files were ioncubed. Which basically meant people paid $100+ for a mod and then could not use it anymore.
    After that I decided I would never use a ioncubed mod, because if your company vanished tomorrow. I can't even modify the mod to make it work anymore on my site because it's encrypted.

    Anyways it's your call,

    All the best.
  14. Micheal

    Micheal Well-Known Member

    Let me stop you right there.

    I am a good friend of Maria's and she has given me the full rights to microcart and microsupport.
    The main reason she has done this for me is i help her out with coding and so on,
    and i have inproved the script over the last year to what it is today.

    I give maria the full source code to every version thats been made from the start of me taking it over.

    I have 2 license option to all my scripts one is the encoded license and the other is to buy the source code.

    To buy the encoded version will cost $59.99 and to buy the source code will be $284.99 and source code comes with branding free.

    As for the encoding as you will see from my post before i said that only one main file will be encoded.
    The license does not call back to my site as the license if for lifetime it only requires the license key and username.
    When the license is made its locked to the domain name you have submitted before downloading the script.

    As for me no longer being around thats not going to happen as i have been doing this now for over 15 years.
    So even if i do disapear your script will still work without any problems.

    I have been ripped of a few times and i will not let it happen again this is why there will be some encoding if you buy the script without the source code but you have the option to buy the source code if you choose to.

    I hope this clears a few things up about me and the way i do things.

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  15. Micheal

    Micheal Well-Known Member

    update on progress

    Finished within the admin side
    • uploading of screenshots
    • Listing screenshots for a product
    • Deleting of a screenshots and removing the files.

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  16. Micheal

    Micheal Well-Known Member

    Just finished of adding these now

    • add/delete product files
    • add/edit/delete of product option fields
    Next thing to work on is the Zones - Tax - Locations

    So im getting there slowly and im hopping to have the cart ready by the end of march at the latest.
    These things cannot be rushed and need to be put together right before its released.
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  17. Micheal

    Micheal Well-Known Member

    Have now finished these functions

    • Zones - Tax - Locations
      • Delivery Locations ( add, edit delete )
      • Shipping Zones ( add, edit delete )
      • Setup Taxes ( add, edit delete )
    • Categories ( add, edit delete ) With category image
    As you can see its getting there with the admin side of things,
    the next functions that ill be working on are

    • Invoice Options
      • Add Invoice
      • List Invoices
    • PM Settings
    • Coming Soon

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  18. Digital Doctor

    Digital Doctor Well-Known Member

    Make sure you put in some Xenforo specific stuff like Alerts and Notices. :)

    I've said that Xenforo Notices could be used to Alert people to special sales for "current online" members.

    I believe that feature could be called the "Attention Kmart Shoppers" feature. or the "Blue Light Special".

    I'm sure there would be lots of ways to use Alerts for the MicroCart.

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  19. Micheal

    Micheal Well-Known Member

    well within the cart system for vbulletin there is a way to PM the users and the admin that there has been a sale.
    A thank you message goes to the user and a confirmation message goes to the admin.
    These could become alerts instead.
  20. Micheal

    Micheal Well-Known Member

    have finished the view/edit/delete and create invoices.
    so im getting there on the admin side of things and hope to have the admin side finished within the next 3 to 5 days,
    then i will be able to start on the user side of things to show you all what this shop system can do.
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