XF 1.4 Message text turning bold

I have an odd problem in that most messages posted on my forum are turning bold.

I can go into a particular thread and most of the posts from before I migrated over from VB are standard (some are bold) and most of the posts since migration are bold (but not all).

A couple of newly created thread show all text as standard but then others show text as all bold or a mix of bold and standard.

I have not changed the settings in Style Properties: Message Elements other than after this problem when I switched bold on and of, which did make all of the text bold but did not, when switched off, make the previosly bold threads standard.

Another odd thing I noticed was that when I made a post in one thread the test posted as standard, however when I hit refresh it had turned bold.



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What if you disable all add-ons?

I notice it's not all posts.
Is there anything common with regards to the members it is happening to?
The only add-on was Auto-Delete 1.4 but I have disabled that.

There is no pattern that I can see. I have another thread which was started back on VB and half of the posts in there are now bold, right up to a post that was posted today. The person who posted today and shows up bold has posted in other threads normally. I will PM the link to that thread too.


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There is something wrong with your template.
See the erroneous b tags here:


Check the user groups don't have any bad markup.
I think you have nailed it. The user titles on the old forum used used html tags and it looks like they are causing problems here. I will go and check that out. Thanks for the help so far.
Thanks Brogan, you were right, it was stray markup in an old user title. Deleted it and all now working fine :)

Thanks so much for your help.


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I was about to say as I started scrolling. I see this way too often with vB imports. A user title tag causing posts at a certain point due to the unterminated tag. Nice to see it got sorted quickly.