XF 2.2 Push Notifications for iOS devices: Requires turning on "Notifications" in Webkit Feature Flags?


I am not an iOS user and don't have access to an iPhone to test this properly at the moment. But a few of our iOS users are having trouble getting Push Notifications to work on their phones. One of them seems to have identified that Push Notifications is actually not turned on by default for Safari, and that one has to actually go into the settings for Safari and then to the Webkit Feature Flags page, and enable "Notifications" there. I have also seen it referred to as "Push API" on the internet, so I am not sure what iOS currently calls it.


I just want to confirm how this is all working on the various iOS 16.4 and later versions, so that I can provide proper instructions for our members. Any help would be appreciated.
I'm interested too we are looking to rollout push to iPhones this week.
Not sure what to say other than quote @duderuud

iOS 16.4 finally introduced push notifications for iOS devices. To facilitate this, your members need to install your site as a PWA (by utilising the Add to Home Screen feature in Safari).

From web app go to preferences and enable "Push notifications"

Hopefully it's that simple and we don't have to get them to wrestle with Webkit
It’s on by default, so if someone had it disabled, I’d guess they inadvertently disabled it in the past.
Oh I see. I had assumed it was off by default since it is under "experimental features". Anyway, I added a note on our websites instructions to let users know to make sure that it is turned on in those settings.

Thanks for the replies :)
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