XF 1.5 Merged threads, deleted, want to recover


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I encountered a problem.
I merged 2 threads, Then I wanted to remove the first post in the thread.
That's when it went wrong. It deleted the whole thread. So I would like to recover.
I can view the thread and it's removed from public view, but I can't see it in the forum. So I can't select it to recover.

My Admin account has all the right permissions.
I have done this before...

Is there something that i've missed or that changed?

Thanks :)

Tracy Perry

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If you hard deleted the thread, then typically you will have to use a backup to restore it (hopefully it was recent). If it was soft-deleted then you should be able to recover it.


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I know but the thread is not in the list in threadview.
I can undelete other threads, but this one disappeared and it's not hard deleted. I can visit the thread if I type the url. (It's removed from public view)
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