Lack of interest Merged Posts And Topic Split suggestion

Brett Peters

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I just came across some confusion due to posts being merged into a thread and I was just about to post in that thread but I thought that Brogan didn't really need the headache of what to do with my off topic post as well as the rest of the off topic content. ;)

When a post or posts are merged I would like to see some sort of auto explanation with a link back to the original thread from where it was merged from so I can backtrack and make sense of it all with ease, Currently when this happens it is rather confusing to follow without all the necessary info. and on a positive note it may eliminate the need for a moderator to make an unnecessary post to explain the merge.

This would especially help for moderated posts that end up as new threads which normally lack the normal thread introduction, It is very difficult to read a new thread that is forked half way through a separate discussion without knowing it was split from xxx.