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I searched but couldn't find this specific suggestion, aside from an "inline" poll suggestion from 2012 ("polls in posts") which is similar, but not quite the same.

In essence, rather than have a poll be a thread type, the poll should be an option to use with discussions, articles or even question threads. An option to display the poll at the top or bottom of the article, first thread post, etc. would be helpful, although a poll at the bottom of an article makes more sense, as there are many news sites and blogs that include a poll at the end of the article to start a discussion in the comments.

I've seen it asked around here if there was a way to include a poll with an article, so the idea is not an unpopular one.

In my specific case, I have polls in old threads, made years if not more than a decade prior to XF 2.2. I want convert certain threads into the Article thread type to maintain a common style in the forum, but that would wipe out years of polling.
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I've had the problem of them not being in articles so I voted. In fact, I lost a ton when I converted forums to article.
I learned the hard way--I started by wanting to convert one of our feature threads into an article, just to see how it would look. So I went ahead and did it. And about 30 seconds later, realized the poll was nowhere in sight, and I'd lost all the votes. My mind isn't engaged all the time so that had a little influence on my blunder but still, these feature threads of ours have a lot of content that lays so much better in an article than it does in a standard post.

I've had the problem of them not being in articles so I voted.
...and I do agree. Having polls as an option for discussions, articles or questions goes back to how it used to be, vs. having it be its own thread type now.
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