XF 2.2 Default Xenforo thread types + addons with new thread types

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Xenforo types of threads
discussion threads
poll threads
article threads
question threads
suggestion threads

Xenforo types of forums
discussion forums
article forums
question forums
suggestion forums

source: https://xenforo.com/docs/xf2/forum-thread-types/

addon with a new thread type:
(1) competitions with 10-point scale post rating, users rate posts (1-10)
(2) tmdb

Are there any other thread types ?

suggestion for a wiki thread type
I always thought a Classified Ad thread type would be a nice add-on for many of us to have. I am going to be using the Article thread type to implement something similar, but it would be more efficient if the data were presented more clearly for visitors, and it had a more prominent call to action button where they could send a private message to the person listing the ad. In essence, I would want it to look similar to the existing listing sites for our special interest. Also, it would have a few tools for the thread starter to make the ad easier to manage.
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