Add-on Pruning soft deleted profile posts and their comments


I wrote some things about that here:

  • Users can only soft-delete their profile posts
  • There is no setting to allow users to hard delete their own profile posts
  • Comments to soft-deleted profile posts remain "visible" in terms of the state in the db
  • this leads to things of a mostly personal kind lingering around in the database forever

The tools that exist are:

Core: mass update threads (only forum)

Addon: "Show deleted" by AndyB - find soft deleted threads and posts and hard delete them in bulk (with no further filter - only forum)
Addons: Delete all profile posts (by user or all)

What would be ideal:
  • mass update posts (like mass update threads)
  • mass update profile posts (like mass update threads)
  • comments going away with deleted profile posts they were added to

So there are many functions out there that could be extended to do at least some of that, instead of offering users a trashcan for their profile, but no way to ever empty it.

To me it would also suffice, to have a setting to allow own profile posts to be only hard deleted, thus switching from soft delete to hard delete. And such a hard deleted ppost should take its comments with it to data nirvana. (That would basically be what Facebook does, and that may be one of the extremely few good things about fb)
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