Add-on Allow searching of soft-deleted and unapproved posts/threads


The default XF search unfortunately doesn't display soft-deleted or unapproved posts/threads (to moderators and administrators).

I'm requesting development of a custom add-on which will display soft-deleted and unapproved threads/posts when conducting a find-all-posts-by-user and find-all-threads-by-user search. Those posts should be displayed (to mods/admins) in the default search results list (along with user's public posts).

I'm aware of the Show Deleted add-on by Andy, but that add-on displays soft-deleted posts/threads in a whole separate view. I like how it's done in Vbulletin -- when you view all posts or threads by a user it displays ALL their posts or threads (including soft-deleted and unapproved) in chronological order.

Please contact me with interest and proposals. Thank you!
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