Implemented Allow searching of soft deleted threads/posts/profile posts


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@au lait hint me to this: admin.php?threads/batch-update

Here we can search for and hard delete, move, or what ever you wish to do with soft deleted posts. I dont use it bevore, but it works. ;)


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That's fine, it mostly comes up for us in a typical spam situation when we've got mods soft-deleting hundreds of spam posts via the spam cleaner but they're not searchable/selectable for hard-deletion by the admins outside the ACP, which is a bit of an inconvenience.

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I am asking that where all soft deleted posts showing and how to find out?
Go to a user profile -> Find all content, then if that user have deleted posts you will see them. There is no option like vBulletin where you can see all the deleted posts or threads in the forum As far as I know.