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So, the idea behind my website is that people can talk about anything (think Seinfeld/4Chan). I have separated out topical forums to try and draw different groups to my site at the behest of a friend. Currently, people have to register to post due to spamming (which has apparently infiltrated a lot of Xenforo sites). In regards to a critique or advice, I would certainly appreciate help with how to implement a better guest-posting option that weeds out spam. I could probably also use some graphic design improvement. I would be willing to pay or donate for any help. I would really like guests to be able to post freely, I just hate the spam.


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You definitely need a style/theme so refer to the link above to view available styles. There are free and paid version.

The spam will always be an issue for guest posting. You'll have to have them pass a sort of "are you human?" test in order to allow the posting. If you implement that I suggest changing it often. Guest posting takes a fair amount of work to monitor.