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XF 1.5 members report difficulty loading new posts

Live Free

Active member
A few members have reported difficulty loading new posts that's persistently gotten worse over a period of months.

In a member's words:

It's so bad now that I have to use another browser to load pages just so I can read the replies (I copy/paste the URL for the individual threads). If I want to reply to the newest replies, I have to reload pages on my main browser (Internet Explorer) several times and hope I can get the newest replies to load. If I copy the URL, exit the entire Internet, reopen it, and paste/go the URL, I can see the newest replies, but that's very nearly the only way I can anymore in IE.

I almost dread getting an e-mail or alert telling me there's been a reply because then I have to fight to try to read them. PLEASE try to solve this!

P. S. I tried clearing my cache and cookies back in July. It cleared some other problems and this one, but this one started up again within a day (just once or twice; I thought it was no biggy) and has gotten worse every day since. I didn't have this problem before July or the end of June. I don't remember exactly when, but I posted on the Minor Bug Report thread within a week or two, so I know it was late June/early July. My computer, browser included, have been updated since then, so I know it's not that.
Any idea what this might be?

Could this be a misconfiguration of memcached or a database settings issue?

This probably apparently started happening for some members about a month after a server transition.

Brent W

Well-known member
Will need more information about your server setup. A site of your size has no use for memcached and should not be used imo. How many add-ons?