XF 1.3 New Posts red button issue in drop down

Rho Delta

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@Chris D @Brogan I can't remember who wrote this addon or template modification but I think it might have been one of you two. Correct me if I am wrong. Anyways, this used to work fine but has been a little off since upgrading my XF and theme to the most recent version.


Do I need to like resize the width on my forum or something? I don't even need it in the drop down, I just need it in the secondary menu bar on the shoutbox page so it is easy for members to click New Posts from the shoutbox. I would think this would be an easy fix but I am not sure where to get started. (I am using the most recent version of XF and theme UI.X)

Thanks ahead of time for your help!


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Questions related to add-ons should always be posted in the dedicated add-on discussion threads.

Issues with third party styles should be addressed to the designers.