XF 1.4 new posts/conversations loading only partially


since a few days we have the problem that new posts or communications are only loading partially, like this conversation I received a few minutes ago:

(it's XenForo 1.4.4, Kitchen Sink Style, German language files). After this is shown for a few seconds, I receive a message from the browser that the connection was reset ("problem loading page"). Elder posts or communications show up fine, without any problem.

I run two instances of XenForo on that particular server (each instance has a distinct license), and the server load is quite low (< 10 % CPU and < 10 % RAM).

There are no entries in the server logs as well, so I don't know what to do, and ask for help.

It didn't happen that way before the upgrade to 1.4.4

Jake Bunce

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It appears and sounds as though the page isn't fully loading.

Can you post the full error message from your browser? I want to be certain about that. And what browser are you using?

IMO this is most likely a client issue. For the purpose of troubleshooting try using a different computer and/or browser.

I had the same error again. Firefox gives this "information":

Loading the same thread, using IE: IE tries to load, no error message for three minutes.

Safari, same problem, still loading.

Other PC, using Firefox: same error message. Using PaleMoon (FF clone): partially loading, no error message, as PaleMoon still tries to load the page.

On my android smartphone, this thread loads fine.

Which leaves me quite puzzled. BTW, all PCs are running under Windows.


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That would imply it's a networking issue. The way XF works, the entire content is sent from PHP at once; as soon as you start getting the HTML, XF is no longer involved. Since you're getting part of it and then seeing the error, that might point to lost packets or something like packets being manipulated and not able to be decompressed by the browser. If your phone is using your data provider (rather than wifi), that would certainly point further to that direction (as it may be using a different route to your server).

I put the backups of both boards to our backup-system and checked it there: no problems at all.

So I compared the Apache installations and found one difference: on the main system I had installed mod_pagespeed. I removed this mod, and it seems that this fixed the problems there as well.

So, yes, it was a networking problem.