Members reaction to Xen release and price!


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lol yeah Moses, have seen that site, it can be quite funny at times - I used to read it religiously a while ago, until I worked out they were mostly desperate try hard wannabes who no doubt hale from the very places and people they so bitterly mock. Such loathing and vitriol is usually born of the contempt of familiarity :p and that Fiona of Toorak character bored the pants off me.. (and not in a hot girl on girl action kind of way either - very tedious.)

+ it is just a rip off of another more successful American blog... copy catting is so very bogue. And really? a hosted blog? what you can't even commit the funds to buy a proper domain and some hosting :p

Man I can be a bi*ch sometimes


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If I'm still sober at 10 o'clock tonight then I'm not really celebrating ... oh wait that would be business as usual!


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It'd be great if the XF team break even during the launch period (the amount of money made makes up for the time spent developing it, presumably without salary).


That is disgusting, I have just had my youngest daughter seeing this image, do we really have to have gore images on a site children should be safe to surf.
I don't consider this a children site though. It's for people who can afford a license, and the clip is just from a movie. This thread is also about images, quite weird ones, as first few posts shown, it's to be expected that one of them might offend someone, of any age.