XF 1.4 members being logged in as different members on 1.4.4

We are receiving complaints from multiple users that they are being logged in as different users. Here's an example of one message:

"I log in and the name at the top is often different. Mostly one other name, but sometimes another. Usually if I click around my name comes up. But my name is not at the top of the members forum page, and to log out I have to go to a thread before my name is at the top on the orange bar. The hover feature is not working either. So as I said, something is wrong."

To clarify: User ABC logs in with their regular credentials, but while logged in as ABC, their login info as displayed on the site switches to user XYZ and they have access to all of user XYZ's account info and post as user XYZ (rather than user ABC).


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This is almost certainly due to Sucuri/Cloudproxy, which I can see in the headers.

Your forum is returning a 304 not modified response when pages are requested, which isn't something XF does.

We have seen several issues related to Sucuri over the past few days.
Disabling caching should resolve it.