Members Being Logged Out By Site


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I'm trying to collect more information about this at the moment, but one of my members has reported that they are often finding themselves logged out:

Sometimes while I am browsing, especially when viewing my alerts, I notice that all of a sudden I'm not logged in anymore.

Is anyone else noticing this or is it just me?
I've asked them which browser they are using, and find that if I ask the site to remember me when I log in, that I do not have this problem when at work. However, I also have experienced being logged out very quickly by the forum when I don't click it.(I use Firefox and Chrome.)

So I'm thinking it is probably an error my side. Where do I go to fix it in the Admin CP?

You can see the full support/help thread here if needed.


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You may want to check the following options:

AdminCP > Options > User Options

What is your value for Online Status Timeout?
15 minutes, but I have had more responses from members and quite a few are agreeing it happens when they view their alerts.