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Meeting Your Needs with Special Add-on Development by AWEDO


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Have you previously ordered a custom add-on and one of the following problems occurred:
  • the add-on didn't meet all requirements
  • no or only a few of the bugs were fixed
  • you had to pay more than the original quote
Even just one of these things can be pretty annoying and can also turn a seemingly cheap quote into a costly and not fully satisfying add-on. So how can you prevent these problems? One of the most important things is that your developer clearly understands all your requirements for the add-on. For this reason (after I asked you a couple of questions) I will create an accurate summary of all your requirements. After that you will also get a quote for implementing the requirements that are specified in this summary. In this way you will exactly know what you will get for what price.

And what happens, if you find bugs (a long time) after the add-on has been built? If you work with me, you won't need to worry about that at all. No matter how severe the bug is or how much time has passed: I will fix all bugs without any additional costs!

You will have the following benefits if you entrust me with creating an add-on:
  • you will get exactly what we agreed upon
  • quick replies to your messages (mostly less than 12h on workdays, depending on your time zone)
  • you will have exclusively all rights of the add-on
  • unlimited free bug fixes
During the last two years I gained a lot of experience by developing many standard and custom add-ons. Although I've developed mainly medium-sized (custom) add-ons, I'm also able and very happy to handle large-scale projects. Due to my BSc Computing degree I also have a good theoretical background which also supports me in continuously improving the efficiency of the process I use to develop XF1 and XF2 add-ons.

So to start the process, just start a conversation with me and let me know what you need! To accelerate the development process please give me a detailed description of your requirements. Also please let me know in which country or time zone you are currently located
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