Lack of interest Bounty System or a custom add-on for QA

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I mean add a bounty system to the existing Q/A forum.

For a bounteous question, the person who submits a question should pay for the question in advance.
People who are interested in this question and want to see answers should also pay a smaller amount of money for viewing.
And the platform can charge 30% for management. The best answer can get 60% or more from answers.
There can be a public bounteous question or a private bounteous question.

If there is a custom add-on for this bounty system, it would be very interesting.

Some interesting points:

1. Community certified respondents can participate in the onlookers for free (limited to public paid questions), and only after the owner has selected the answer (that is, entered the publicity period), they can participate in the onlookers and participate in the exchange and interaction of the replies. That is, those that are still displayed as "expiration time..." have not yet entered the publicity period, and you cannot view the content of the reply for the time being.

2. If you don’t see the content of the onlookers in time after the reward is over, you can find them in the list of the community user’s personal details page: click on the “personal avatar” in the upper right corner to find the “onlooker record”, there is a list of all onlookers, click to enter can be viewed later.

3. The benchmark fee for regular users to participate in onlookers is related to the amount of paid questions, the order of onlookers, and the number of onlookers:
(1) The higher the questioning bonus, the higher the onlooker benchmark fee;
(2) For example, for every 10 more onlookers, the standard fee for onlookers will increase by 0.5usd. That is, the earlier you participate in the onlookers, the less you pay for the onlookers.

4. 10% of the onlooker fee is paid to the post owner who initiates the question, 60% is included in the question bonus and is jointly distributed by the answerer who is selected for the answer, and the platform charges 30% of the management fee.

5. Excellent question quality can attract more people to participate in the onlookers, so as to share the cost of paid posting.

6. Private bounty posts (with no public bounty answers) are currently limited to post owners, respondents who participated in the interaction of the replies (replies before the answer selection period), and users with high activity and prestige who can view the post after it enters the publicity period All replies under this thread. Those who participate in the replies after the best answer selection period cannot view all the replies of the post. 30 days after the end of the private reward post, the community can choose appropriate content to push through appropriate channels.
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