Meeting Your Needs with Custom Add-on Development by AWEDO


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I'm not longer offering custom development. For previous customers: I'm still going to fix bugs of existing add-ons until at least the end of this year. I may also add (smaller) features. But I will decide this on an individual basis. If you have any further question please start a conversation.
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Had a great experience with Thomas who had created us a much-needed Addon ready for us to move to Xenforo which we had absolutely no issue speaking to him and identifying our requirements, we knew what was going on each step of the way and knew what we signed up for, definitely recommended to speak to Thomas about any addons you'd like creating!

Had absolutely no problem with the addon and looks to be working perfectly! :)


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Forgot to add our review but a new post has reminded me;
We spoke to Thomas about custom development in the beginning of last year I think it was. Not a small job to take on by any means.
We needed a payment gateway which was away from PayPal and using another merchant.

Thomas understood what we needed and demonstrated that with designs and additional ideas that we'd not considered. He gave us a time for completion and was precisely on time.
It's fair to say that since we've had the Addon, we've had further adjustments to make and Thomas has been brilliant in helping out and suggesting a few things.
It works and as a result we were able to fix something that was long overdue.
We can't recommend @Thomas.B highly enough and should you require custom built Addons, then he will be the one to help.
We're more than happy with his work. Thank you again.