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Mass Delete Spam Users 1.0.0

Multi Select and Delete Spam User Accounts

  1. Sadik B

    Sadik B Well-Known Member

    sadikb submitted a new resource:

    Mass Delete Spam Users (version 1.0.0) - Multi Select and Delete Spam User Accounts

    Read more about this resource...
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  2. Adam H

    Adam H Member

    Works well however i would have liked to see that it could mass delete profile comment spam too. Thats a bigger problem at the moment
  3. Brandon Sheley

    Brandon Sheley Well-Known Member

    nice, thanks for sharing ;)
  4. Michael

    Michael Active Member

    Excellent thanks so much :)
  5. MsJacquiiC

    MsJacquiiC Well-Known Member

    Nice share! Thanks!

  6. BenForum

    BenForum Active Member

    Excellent work
  7. motowebmaster

    motowebmaster Active Member

    I wish there was a way to list and mass-select users with zero posts, who have registered within a particular date range.
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  8. craigiri

    craigiri Well-Known Member

    My 2003 vintage software had a very simple control panel directive that looks like this....
    Pretty simple, eh?
    Screen Shot 2012-11-22 at 10.53.28 AM.png
  9. Sadik B

    Sadik B Well-Known Member

    It's not particularly difficult to make... I will see if I can find the time.
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  10. Puntocom

    Puntocom Well-Known Member

    Message count limit set to 0 and it shows no results in /admin.php?users/mdslist

    What should I do? I have tons of spammy users with no content :S
  11. liquidox

    liquidox Member

    Would be great.

    Also have loads of accounts with spam in their Profile, which are not picked up by this plugin :(
  12. giorgino

    giorgino Well-Known Member

    Is it possible to ban users instead delete them?
  13. Sadik B

    Sadik B Well-Known Member

    No, this mod is delete only.
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  14. Albert

    Albert Member

    When I click mass delete spam users page no result found?
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  15. nacs

    nacs Member

    Amazing how well this simple mod works. I just deleted about 4300 users (yes really) with this plugin within minutes.

    Another nice thing is that unlike the "Spam cleaner" function, this actually wipes out all traces of the user instead of just deleting posts and leaving their user info (including homepage and such) behind.

    Thanks for making/sharing it.

    PS: It would be great to have the ability to delete by IP. There are some spam users left in the DB that have 60+ spam accounts from the same IP.
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  16. Max Hodges

    Max Hodges Member

    another option I could use, I have 8300 members but only 240 users have > 0 posts. I'd like to mass delete all users who have zero posts, but feel bad for honest lurkers. So would like to add a registration date rule, that is: delete all users with 0 posts who registered more than 12 months ago
  17. Max Hodges

    Max Hodges Member

    Thanks for the tool btw. It allowed me to easily delete 178 users. But I still have over 8000 which I suspect registered before I had better registration safeguards in place.
  18. Simon

    Simon Active Member

    Thanks for sharing. I only have a small forum but found this very useful. :)
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  19. Coop1979

    Coop1979 Well-Known Member

    I was just playing around with this and found it fairly easy to add a data component. You just have to modify ModelUser.php in the MassDeleteSpammers folder within /Library.

    class MassDeleteSpammers_ModelUser extends XFCP_MassDeleteSpammers_ModelUser
        public function 
    $options XenForo_Application::get('options');
    $start = ($start 1) * $stop;
    $spam $this->_getDb()->fetchAll("
                SELECT    xf_user.user_id,
                FROM    xf_user, xf_user_profile
                WHERE    xf_user_profile.user_id = xf_user.user_id
                AND    xf_user.message_count <= ?
                AND        xf_user.last_activity <= '1272647212'
                ((homepage LIKE '%URL%' OR signature LIKE '%URL%' OR about LIKE '%URL%') OR
                (homepage LIKE '%HTTP%' OR signature LIKE '%HTTP%' OR about LIKE '%HTTP%'))
                ORDER BY xf_user.user_id DESC
                LIMIT ?, ?
    , array($options->MDS_limit$start$stop));
        public function 
    $options XenForo_Application::get('options');
    $count $this->_getDb()->fetchOne("
                SELECT    COUNT(*) AS total
                FROM    xf_user, xf_user_profile
                WHERE    xf_user_profile.user_id = xf_user.user_id
                AND        xf_user.message_count <= ?
                AND        xf_user.last_activity <= '1272647212'
                ((homepage LIKE '%URL%' OR signature LIKE '%URL%' OR about LIKE '%URL%') OR
                (homepage LIKE '%HTTP%' OR signature LIKE '%HTTP%' OR about LIKE '%HTTP%'))
    Add the new lines, then change the UNIX time to be a timestamp that you want to limit it to. You can convert a traditional time format to the UNIX format on this site:

  20. Aboujouj

    Aboujouj New Member

    Very helpful. Exactly what I wanted.

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