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Unmaintained Mass Delete Spam Users 1.0.0

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This is something I quickly put together when I was working for a client who had hundreds of spam registrations.

Install as usual and go to

ACP-->Users-->Mass Delete Spam Users

That will show all user accounts where a user has less than or equal to X (configurable via ACP options) number of posts but has urls in homepage or signature or about fields.

That page will show you the user, content in his homepage, signature and about fields and his message count. You can either delete individually or multi-select and delete.

You can also set an option of how many users you want per page on that page so that you can delete quicker if you have hundreds of spam accounts.

Options are in ACP-->Spam Management (first two options).

Be very careful though as it does not ask for confirmation and will straight away delete users selected. This add-On is unsupported and comes with no strings attached. Use at your own risk. Ideally this should only be used to delete spam accounts with 0 posts.
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This plugins saves you a lot of time when you need to delete spammy user profiles. Deleting and manual reviewing hundreds of user profiles is quickly possible because the add-on creates a list of profiles including the homepage link. So you can determine at a glance if a profile is a real one or just a profile which has been created only for the purpose of spam.
Our site is having an issue with spammers who sign up just to post spam within their profile links. This tool made it extremely simple to identify these spammers and delete them on XF 1.5. Saved me a huge amount of time. Thanks so much for providing this to the community!
Cool, nice idea and super easy.
This was super useful for me. The plugin shows only 20 posts per page... I had 600 pages. I had to modify the XML to show 200.
Works as intended, cleaned up my board without any issue.
Amazing how well this simple mod works. I just deleted about 4300 users (yes really) with this plugin within minutes.

Another nice thing is that unlike the "Spam cleaner" function, this actually wipes out all traces of the user instead of just deleting posts and leaving their user info (including homepage and such) behind.
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