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MarkItUp Integrator [Deleted]

Discussion in 'Add-on Releases' started by cclaerhout, May 5, 2012.

  1. cclaerhout

    cclaerhout Well-Known Member

    cclaerhout submitted a new resource:

    MarkItUp Integrator (version 1.0) - New Editor for XenForo with button management and easy visual configuration tool

    Read more about this resource...
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  2. cclaerhout

    cclaerhout Well-Known Member

  3. guiltar

    guiltar Well-Known Member

    Is it a joke?
  4. aiman.h.kallaf

    aiman.h.kallaf Active Member

    there is an old meth that people who said what you wrote end up committing suicide
  5. DRE

    DRE Well-Known Member

    This sh!!!! looks dope son!!!!!! :eek:

    On my list of stuff to buy.
  6. zmalone

    zmalone Member

    What's ???

  7. cclaerhout

    cclaerhout Well-Known Member

    If I really wanted to sell this addon I shouldn't tell that you are stupid, but I'm still going to say it. Not because you don't know "The Big Bang Theory" where you could have learn that "Bazinga" is a way to say "Gotcha" => "I got you" ; but because the content of this file MUST NOT be reveal as IT IS SAID in the addon presentation.

    I had some people who wanted my other paid addon to leak it on another board. He was a new member and it seems it didn't had any valid XenForo license. So I had a talk with Ashley (XenForo Team) who told me the easiest way to see if a member had a XenForo License was to check if he could download or not a file in the Resource Manager.

    So I'm going to change again the content of the text file... and I'm going to repeat again:

    thank you
  8. zmalone

    zmalone Member

    Okay no problem

  9. cclaerhout

    cclaerhout Well-Known Member

  10. yavuz

    yavuz Well-Known Member

    Well, name calling is not gonna help you get new customers and an explanation based on the assumtion that everyone is watching that TV show is no different what you called these people.
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  11. Sylar

    Sylar Well-Known Member

    I like this add-on, looks really cool. Will put it on my to-buy list :)
  12. cclaerhout

    cclaerhout Well-Known Member

    I give up... Seriously guys, read what I write. My English is not great but it's not that bat: "Not because (A) But because (B)".

    So let me rephrase for the last time: I don't care if people look that TV show, there no assumption here, but I care when people react without taking 1 min to read my addon presentation.
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  13. guiltar

    guiltar Well-Known Member

    Usually I first download an addon, look at its code and if I think it's adequate, I read needed stuff and install it.
    Sometimes I download addon just to look at its code in the hope one more good developer joined XenForo.
    But your post helped me to understand that your intellect corresponds to the bird on your avatar.
    So I would prefer to code own solution than install addon of such inadequate author.
    Moreover there exists almost ready free mod: http://xenforo.com/community/threads/markitup-advanced-textarea.25157/
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  14. cclaerhout

    cclaerhout Well-Known Member

    Why do you say that?
  15. guiltar

    guiltar Well-Known Member

    You've insulted 3 guys same time in one post.
    Also if you upload something, expect that it will be downloaded: http://xenforo.com/community/help/terms
  16. DRE

    DRE Well-Known Member



    Maybe you could release a 'light version'.
  17. cclaerhout

    cclaerhout Well-Known Member

    I was angry, I explained my reasons and I still finish my post with a "thank you". So your reaction is now to insult me in return? I hope it helped you to feel better.
    For the upload term, I invite you, again, to read what I wrote: I just follow the advice of Ashley. If you've got a problem with that, you should have a talk with him.
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  18. cclaerhout

    cclaerhout Well-Known Member

    No. You know my other addons and there is a refund close. I don't have time to make a 'light' version. I do one version, I did it for me, for my board. Now if it can help other webmasters to save time, I sell it for a small price. Anyway it will be my last addon : now I have all the tools I need to do my own website and I want to support these hacks, not for money, but for my website first.
  19. DRE

    DRE Well-Known Member

    I wasn't asking for me, but for the other posters who have doubts.
  20. cclaerhout

    cclaerhout Well-Known Member

    Don't worry, I understand why you did that. But I don't feel I have to prove anything to anyone. I'm not a professional coder and will never be, but if someone really want to see my addons, he can. Most of them are free. If someone want to see my support, he also can easily. So you know "doubts"...

    P.S: By the way, I've bought themes and addons from professional coders (Wordpress plateform). When I see the way they code, I understand that professionalism can be something relative.

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