Mark Sullivan and Mike Sullivan


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That's a joke right? Cause I'm laughing. :D
Well, have you looked around a bit? The reply button is similar, as in the feel, the colors, and hover-over. And then a few pieces here and there. But other than that, its not the same. I know that much.

All I am saying it is 'eeriely' similar - I am stating there are some scary similarities.


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It's hard to take your posts seriously. Vanilla is a joke.

Not to mention, the style is painfully ugly.
I NEVER said I liked the design. And I never said to take them seriously, jesus.

Did you EVEN see what I said after that? Way to jump to conclusions.

Oh yeah. My posts are a joke! Awesome. I've been nothing but nice to you, and Ceri May, and you guys put me on the spot.