Many thanks to Kier and Mike for their new project


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I want to express huge gratitude to the founder of the project xenForo and to all who participated in it. I and very long waited for a long time for an exit of project Kier. And now day when its project is ready has come. I very much liked your cursor, it is much better vBulletin. And as soon as it will go on sale, I will get it at once at you and I will use only this forum cursor. Once again, many thanks to all founders of the given project and good luck to you in the further development and advancement of your project. Thanks!


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I think Kier and Mike are doing a fantastic job. There are so many innovative features on xenForo that will make using a forum much easier and fun. Keep up the good work xenForo team.


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Or there's the Like button, whose purpose is partly to avoid +1 and 'me too' posts...
Yes but it doesn't contribute to post counts, which seems to be the primary purpose of quite a few posts I've noticed.
I'll delete this later so I can't be accused of doing the same ;)