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Lack of interest Mark media as viewer when viewed in a thread


Active member
  • Somebody uploaded new media to a gallery or new gallery.
  • You view a thread where that new media is embedded.
  • The media counter still shows that media as not beign viwed.

In this case, I had 30 media marked as not viewed, then somebody created a new album called maps and uploaded 3 pics to it, so now I have 33 media that I haven't viewed.
I visit a thread that has those 3 media embedded but the not viewed counter still says I have 33 new media to view.

I think it would be a good idea to mark media as viwed when you visit a thread that has that new media embedded.

33 not viwed


Album maps with 3 new media


Thread with those 3 new media embedded


Not viewed counter still shows 33 instead of 30