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Occasionally i got some errors if someone mark as viewed.
Not often but sometimes. This happens in Gallery and also in forums.

I write it here because gallery was the last one.
It don't really disturb me. Just wanna know why this is happened.

Memory limit for php is set to 1024mb. So this should be enough.

ErrorException: Fatal Error: Allowed memory size of 1073741824 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 156016 bytes) -library/Zend/Db/Statement/Mysqli.php:294
Generiert durch: thaiklaus57, Donnerstag um 12:48 Uhr
#0 [internal function]: XenForo_Application::handleFatalError()
#1 {main}
Benötigter Status
array(3) {
["url"] => string(65) ""
["_GET"] => array(0) {
["_POST"] => array(5) {
["_xfToken"] => string(8) "********"
["_xfConfirm"] => string(1) "1"
["_xfRequestUri"] => string(20) "/forums/media/albums"
["_xfNoRedirect"] => string(1) "1"
["_xfResponseType"] => string(4) "json"
Moving this to bugs, though it's potentially a somewhat difficult problem to solve.
Just to confirm, what's the value of your "Read Marking Data Lifetime (Days)" setting?
We are going to be making an improvement to XFMG to make the process a tad more efficient, but the very long read marking data lifetime value applies here, too, so you have likely resolved this now :)
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