XF 1.5 Managing bounced and blacklisted emails.


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I use mandrill integration with my forum they provide me a list of bounced and blacklisted emails.

Is there a way to quickly remove them from my forums? Should I be removing them etc?

Jeremy P

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SMTP is only for sending (but it will work while using SMTP). The bounce processing needs to be setup separately.

For Mandrill, this involves setting the option in their control panel to forward bounce emails to an email address, and then setting up XenForo to access that email address in the ACP.

You should use an email address specifically for bounce processing (ie that doesn't receive other mail).


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The only final issue I see is this and I may be overthinking.

I use one mandrill account to send out 3 different forums emails.

If I setup a bounce back email address in mandrill it will be for all forums, which I cannot use?

So do I need a separate mandrill account per forum?


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Does Mandrill push all bounces from all forums to one account? If so, you would need a separate account per forum. Only the bounces from the forum reading can go into the email account.