Blacklisted emails such as icloud, att and


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I'm getting a lot of bounced emails and as such, members no receiving their email confirmation links.
From a quick read up, seems impossible to get off an icloud blacklist, so for the time being I have disabled email confirmation.

Has anyone else been in this situation and what have you done? Thinking of creating a gmail address for my site, so the emails come from there. Looks a lot less professional, but seems the only way forward.


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Use a mail service to send out mails. Your IP is probably blacklisted because of a lack of reputation.
Thank you. Just found and going through the verification process. Free upto 10,000 emails a month, which will be a huge amount more then we actually need!


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Thanks! I'll give MailerSend a try. The 12,000 free transactional emails a month certainly hit the sweet spot.

Do you know how your inbox placement is?

Also, I'm sure I can figure it out, but sometimes it's easier to ask ;) .... How did you integrate Mailersend with Xenforo? Was there an addon, or can it all be done in the ACP?