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Managed Hosting Or Xenforo Expert Hosting?

Discussion in 'Server Configuration and Hosting' started by Nick Veneris, Mar 11, 2013.

  1. Nick Veneris

    Nick Veneris Member

    Hi everyone,

    I just moved our forum to Xenforo last week. Unfortunately, my new host xfhost.com has been down for the last 6 hours. Not just our site, but their whole website.
    So, I'm guessing we'll be looking for a new host today. Can anyone out there recommend a solid host, preferably a managed option or at least staffed with xenforo experts?

    Our forum is small and just starting out.


    *Edit: Looking for US providers only.
  2. Chris D

    Chris D XenForo Developer Staff Member

    Check out http://www.nimbushosting.co.uk

    They host a number of XenForo sites and are both highly available, high performing and excellent at support.
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  3. Nick Veneris

    Nick Veneris Member

    Thank you for the quick response. I should have mentioned I am looking for US only providers. My fault.

    JABRONI Well-Known Member

    I switched from XFHost to Nimbus & have had ZERO problems. I get very fast speeds on my site. I also get emails asking how I'm doing & if I need anything. Just little things like that make a host so much better.
  5. Chris D

    Chris D XenForo Developer Staff Member

    Is there a particular reason for that?

    Check out http://www.valvetime.net (hosted in the UK, but 60% American membership) and http://www.xfshowcase.com (similar).

    Both are optimised so much that you wouldn't know whether the servers were half way around the world or next door to you.
  6. jmurrayhead

    jmurrayhead Well-Known Member

    I use ServInt. They don't have XenForo experts, but their service is outstanding: https://www.servint.net/
  7. Nick Veneris

    Nick Veneris Member

    Sure. I'm hosting our forum as a subdomain from the main site, nerdywithchildren.com. The forum, (which just came back online after 6 hours of downtime) is at forum.nerdywithchildren.com.

    Most of our users will be in America, although we do get a large minority of of traffic from western Europe. The second would be cost. I'm penny-pinching here, but it is cheaper for me to pay American dollars than pounds or Euros.
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    JABRONI Well-Known Member

    Also, love your frontpage on the site. If you're looking for a guy who can make your forum look like your front page, contact Russ on the forums here. He does great work.
  9. wickedstangs

    wickedstangs Well-Known Member

    I thought it was just me:(
  10. Sheldon

    Sheldon Well-Known Member

  11. Nick Veneris

    Nick Veneris Member

    Mike from XFhost just contacted me. He explained that his datacenter had a failure. I'm willing to give him a second chance. Thanks for the recommendations, everyone.
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  12. Ernest L. Defoe

    Ernest L. Defoe Well-Known Member

    All hosts will have some downtime. I am hosted with Mike as well and he has always been honest and straightforward with me. He said the server crashed and he didn't receive an alert saying so, so he didn't know it was down.
  13. Mike Edge

    Mike Edge Formerly Da Bookie Mon

    Thanks for the understanding everyone! We were having R1Soft installed to improve our services even more by being able to offer now hourly backups compared to daily, along with the ability to restore your own databases right in cPanel from the hourly save points. The tech from R1 that was installing it for us ran into a kernel issue and had rebooted the server, without consulting with me 1st and I was asleep at the time. When contacting the data center this morning the server was appearing still online. What had happened was when the server had shut down for reboot, it hung, leaving ports open and undetected by the data center as a crash due to it not giving any alerts of an issue.
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  14. Nick Veneris

    Nick Veneris Member

    Absolutely, down time happens. I've only been with him for a few days. I just assumed I chose a bad apple. Good news, is that he reached out to me via here. That says a lot. My Amazon cloud $1,000 a month plan doesn't personally reach out to me.
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