Duplicate Malformed spoiler bbcode

Affected version
v2.1.10 Patch 2


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Had a user report this after an upgrade to 2.1 that it didn't happen on 2.0. It appears to affect 2.2 as well here

Repro steps:
  • Create 2 or more lines of text
  • Highlight the first line and bold it
  • Highlight the paragraph and put it in a spoiler tag

Line 1 of text
Line 2 of text

What results is a double spoiler tag instead of a single one, as the editor places the opening [b] tag before the opening spoiler tag and attempts to auto-close it


XenForo developer
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The manifestation is a bit different, but this is essentially the same issue as this future fix bug report:

Ultimately it relates to the BB code not being nested correctly because the spoiler is opened within the bold tag (rather than before it), so we have to programmatically "fix" this which involves implicitly closing the spoiler and reopening it.